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Questions To Ask Your Physician about Alzheimer’s Disease

If you or a loved one suspects you may have Alzheimer’s disease (AD), there are some key questions that you will need to answer and some that you can can ask your physician to help you understand if there is a possible diagnosis of AD.

Questions Your Physician May Ask You

If you or a family member suspects AD, here are some questions you may want to be prepared to answer when you visit your physician:

Do you frequently forget appointments, conversations you recently had, or important dates such as holidays?

Do you or does someone you care for get lost in familiar places?

Do you or a family member have trouble finding words to accurately express your feelings or thoughts?

Do people remind you frequently that you are repeating stories or asking the same questions over and over?

Are you or a loved one having problems performing everyday activities such as balancing the checkbook or cooking?

Have you been losing items more frequently than you normally do?

Have you or someone you care for lost interest in socializing or interests you once enjoyed?

Do you lose your temper or become frustrated more often recently?

Do you find yourself experiencing sadness and depression?

Once you have answered some basic questions about your symptoms (and/or your family member/s or close friends have discussed their observations about recent symptoms), your physician will let you know if he/she suspects a possible diagnosis of AD.  At this point you may have some questions you want to ask as well.

After thoroughly describing any symptoms you are having that are problematic, compile a list such as the one below to job your memory at your next physician’s visit:

List of Questions to Ask your Physician

Is Alzheimer’s disease a possible cause of my symptoms?

Do the symptoms indicate a problem?

Is it possible that some other disease (other than Alzheimer’s) be causing my symptoms?

Could any of my current prescription or over-the –counter medications be causing my symptoms?

If Alzheimer’s disease is suspected, what type of tests will be necessary to positively identify the disease?

How long will it be before a diagnosis can be made?

What type of treatment/medication is available if I do have Alzheimer’s disease?

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