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8 Physical Signs Indicating Caregivers Need a Break

If you are a caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, you probably know far too well what it’s like to work tirelessly without a break.  Many caregivers don’t ask for help and some even put their own health at risk to care for their loved one.  Studies have shown that caregivers are at high risk for stress related diseases and premature aging.  In fact, one study at University of California found that caregivers who don’t get regular breaks and experience a high level of stress could lose as many as 10 years of life. 
Here is a checklist of signs and symptoms of physical stress that may require medical attention for caregivers;

1. Chronic headaches or muscle tension or fatigue
2. Digestive problems
3. leep disturbances
4. Severe weight loss or gain
5. High blood pressure, heart palpitations or chest pain
6. Skin disorders (rashes, hives, psoriasis or other skin problems)
7 Compromised immune system-frequently contracting viruses, colds, flu or other infections
8. Sexual problems

If you experience chronic issues with any of the signs and symptoms listed above, be sure to consult with our medical physician.  Next, it’s time to start asking for some assistance.  Consider asking friends or family to give you a much needed break and/or hire professional help if that’s a financial options.

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