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Tips on Long Term Care Planning for Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you may be interested in learning about long term care planning. 
When it comes time to make decisions about long term care, it’s definitely a perk for the family to have made plans in advance-including the person with AD.  Getting your loved one’s input early on when he/she is capable of participating in the decision making process, can really help to ease the burden on the family down the road.

Having already addressed the issue,  and knowing exactly what your loved one’s wishes are in advance is the optimal way to go about planning.
Of course it’s always a major stepping stone when a family must decide to seek out more structured care and support for a loved one with AD, but having addressed the issue in advance is said to make a major difference in lessening the stress when the time actually comes.

Here are some other tips to help families in long-term care planning;

1.Educate yourself on options available.  There are some basic levels of care you and your family members should be aware of when making a major decision in long-term care.  The internet is literally loaded with resources that can help.  Check out “Stages of Senior Care,” written by Paul and Lori Hogen is a good place to start. You can order the book online at

2.Check out suggestions by other caregivers and family members at websites such as the Alzheimer’s Association. 

3.Consider the budget to pay for long-term care. Do some research on financing long-term care and find out what resources are available, here is a good place to start on; , and Here is a document on Medicaid and long term care;

4.Visit local facilities with your loved one and get his/her feedback on which places he/she feels most comfortable. 

5.Get advice from online discussion forums and local Alzheimer’s support groups to learn from other families who have or are facing some of the same challenges.  Here is a great resource page from the Alzheimer’s Association to find local support groups:

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