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Fitness Tips for Seniors by Ida Keeling-100-Year-Old Fitness Guru

You may beleive that staying in great physical shape is for the younger generation, but according to 100-year old fitness expert, Ida keeling, it comes down following a few simple routines.

Keeling recently set a world record in the 100-meter dash event in the 80 year old and older category.  She is truly an inspiration and living proof that you don’t have to be young to get in shape.  At 67, Keeling began competing and she’s been an icon for older athletes ever since.

Keeling reported to The New York Times, “I eat for nutrition, not for taste.”  The 100-year old fitness expert is said to follow a strict eating regime of healthy fresh produce, healthy whole grains, no preservatives or processed foods, and moderate portions of meat.  She also swears by cod liver oil- a supplement she’s been taking since she was a child.

As far as her daily workout routine, Keeling does yoga, strength exercises and running.  Even though she sometimes uses a cane to walk due to her arthritis, Keeling stays active and continues to train.  There’s something to be said about old adages such as “move it or lose it.”  Her goal is to train for an hour every day, she encourages other seniors to do the same and start with shorter durations of workout routines.  Perhaps just 5 minutes of daily walking with 10 minutes dedicated to gentle yoga and 12 or so light weight repetitions.  After initially becoming acclimated, elderly folks who wish to get in shape can gradually add more and more repetition and higher levels of difficulty to their strength and endurance routine.  Keep in mind that you should ALWAYS consult your physician before starting any new workout program.

Keeling is said to have started her avid workout routine to deal with grief and depression as well as some cardiovascular health issues after her 2 adult sons died.  She raves about how exercise helped her mood and suggests that those who struggle with working out get a family member to help coach and encourage a regular workout endeavor. She also suggests getting a workout partner, perhaps a family member or a neighbor.  Working out with others can help seniors and their caregivers enjoy the benefits of physical fitness while improving socialization. 

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