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10 Holiday Safety Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Making your home safe during the holidays is an important aspect of Alzheimer’s caregiving.  Flashing lights, large social groups of people, and other festivities during the holidays may cause confusion, frustration or even increase the risk of wandering for those with Alzheimer’s dementia. 
Here are some tips to reduce risks and safety proof the home this year during the holidays:

1.During busy holiday get-togethers with large groups, assign a buddy to keep track of your loved one with AD.
2.Keep clutter at a minimum to reduce the risk of falls.
3.Avoid serving alcohol to anyone with AD which could lead to a bad interaction with medications.
4.Try to keep family visits relatively short and plan around your loved one’s schedule, what time is he/she usually the most awake and alert?
5.Avoid using flashing lights, keep decorations simple.
6.Don’t burn candles.
7.Keep medications and other hazardous materials locked up.
8.Keep emergency phone list (such as hospital and physician’s number) handy.
9.Reserve a space to provide a “quiet” room in case your loved one gets too stressed out or overwhelmed.
10.Be prepared to cut family gatherings short if you are hosting holiday parties-notify others in advance that this may happen.

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