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AlzU.org understands how important the privacy of personal information is to our users. We understand that your privacy matters and we respect your privacy choices. This summary of our privacy policy is intended to give you an overview of the Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approval our study and our general privacy practices.

W.C.M.C. Protocol Summary

Protocol Number: 1311014539

Expiration Date: 02/11/2024

Protocol Description

Review Type: Initial Protocol (Exempt)
Application Date: 11/25/2013

Title: Evaluating the effectiveness of Web-based Alzheimer's disease education on knowledge and behavior: A Randomized Trial

Required Summary:
The objectives of this study are to determine the effect of written blog stories vs. interactive webinars on performance on pre/post learning, and brain-healthy lifestyle patterns, in subjects interested in learning about Alzheimer's disease. In lay terms, we aim to evaluate the effectiveness of the 'typical' way people learn medical information related to Alzheimer's disease (e.g., reading blog posts and/or articles on the internet) vs. a more 'active' style of learning via interactive webinars with audio (exploring the power of a narrative)

We DO NOT collect any “Non-Personal Information” – information that cannot be used to identify you – via Cookies, Web Beacons, etc.

What Choices Do I Have?
You are at no obligation to use this website or sign-up for the study. If you do not want to participate or have any Personal Information collected by AlzU.org, you should not provide any information or register as a member or for any specific tool or application that collects Personal Information.

How Is Information Collected About You Used?
We may use information we collect about you to:
• Conduct research and measurement activities, as approved by the WCMC IRB
• Statistically analyze user performance on multiple choice questions, behavior and activity
• Administer your account access
• Provide you with access to particular tools and services
• Respond to your inquiries
• Obtain your feedback about our website and our offerings
• Send you follow-up email announcements and reminders

Do We Share Your Information with Anyone Outside the WCMC Study Team?
No, AlzU.org will not disclose any Personal Information about you. AlzU.org does not make your Personal Information available to third parties for their marketing purposes.

How Do We Secure and Retain Your Information?
We have strict technical, physical, and administrative safeguards to protect the Personal Information that we collect.

Have a Question? Contact AlzU
Please send us an email at info (@) alzu.org if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Personal Information we maintain about you for this study.

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