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Welcome to Alzheimer's Universe!

Thank you for offering to be one of the first ever beta-test users of Alzheimer’s Universe! was created by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to help people learn more about Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Your contributions are essential toward improving AD education, and we would very much appreciate if you complete all 6 steps below so we can fine-tune and make it as user-friendly as possible before launching to the public.

All steps should take less than one hour total, and you can complete each step at your convenience.

Please complete these 6 steps in order by April 10:

Step 1: Join Alzheimer’s Universe - Click HERE to Join Now

Step 2: After joining, Click HERE to complete an Introductory Survey (takes less than 10 minutes).

Step 3: Watch these introductory modules (about 10 minutes, total).

            - Click HERE to view Introduction to Alzheimer’s Universe

            - Click HERE to watch the AU Promotional Videos

            - Click HERE to view Introduction to the Brain

Step 4: The AD-Nutrition Tracking System (AD-NTS) will help track diet and lifestyle patterns for you or your loved one. Click HERE to Join AD-NTS.

Step 5: Log in to and Click HERE to Complete Lessons 1a and 1b (less than 10 minutes, each). These 2 modules can be accessed 24/7 via any desktop or mobile device.

Step 6: And finally, Click HERE to complete this Short Survey and Provide Your Feedback on how worked for you, and include any suggestions for improvement.

Thank you SO much for your help and welcome to the AU community!

- The AU Team

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