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Long Distance Caregivers-Tips to Make Your Job Easier

If you are caring for a loved one from afar, you are in good company, many caregivers of those with Alzheimer’ s disease care from their loved ones long distance.  In fact, according to a recent survey by Home Instead Senior Care, approximately 45% of American adults who plan to care for their aging relative in the next 2 to 4 years live 1 or more hours away.

It’s important for long distant caregivers to plan ahead because responsibilities for those with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can suddenly emerge without any notice. 

Given that finances have been reported as a major issue for many families with a loved one who has AD, the added time and expense of traveling can make caregiving even more of a challenge than for those who live in close proximity to their loved ones with AD.
Tips for managing long distance caregiving;

•Make a list of friends and family members living in close proximity to your loved one with AD and enlist the help of all of those who will help. Keep an emergency list with phone numbers close at all times for emergencies and/or respite care when you need a break

•Get to know your loved one’s neighbors and ask if you can contact them in case of an emergency

•Ask neighbors if they can keep an eye out for your loved one and check on him/her occasionally

•Keep a list of medical issues handy including your loved one’s medications, allergies etc.  Have a copy at your home and leave on with your loved one in a strategic place where you can direct neighbors and/or friends to gather medical records in case of an emergency

•Ask your loved ones’ mail carrier to notify you if his/her mail is not picked up

•When visiting your loved one, get familiar with supportive services in his/her local area such as: transportation for seniors, adult day centers, community drop in centers, professional home care agencies etc.  When your loved one’s needs change, you will be prepared and familiar with local services that can help

•Arrange for professionals to provide for services that your loved one needs that you cannot offer because of living far away, such as; companions, housekeepers, and hired help to provide shopping and cooking services, medication reminders, run errands, do yard work and

Planning ahead and putting the strategy into action can help alleviate some of the stress of trying to be a caregiver from afar. 

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