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10 Questions to Ask Prospective Respite Care Centers

If you are a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, you may be faced with the task of searching for respite care such as an Adult Day Center in the near or distant future.  As with many aspects of this disease, the more you plan ahead, the easier new transitions become. 

It’s to involve your loved one in the decision making process early in the disease, and this includes where and when to begin searching for respite care centers. Here are some tips for some of the most popular questions caregivers ask when interviewing new Adult Day Centers:

1. What is your staff to client ratio at the center? 
2. Do you have additional volunteer staff?
3. What is your policy regarding medical emergencies? 
4. Do charges incur when there is an absence due to illness or during vacation leave?
5. Do you serve snacks/meals, if so, what types of foods do you serve?
6. Do you make any dietary allowances for allergies such as lactose intolerance?
7. Do you offer any professional services such as nursing care or physical therapy?
8. What type of daily activities do you offer?
9. Do you provide transportation?
10.Is there a staff member qualified to give medications to participants? 

This list includes just a few common questions caregivers and family members commonly ask.  You may want to create a more inclusive list of questions for your Adult Day Center search. You may also want to inquire about dropping by unannounced as a way to evaluate first-hand just how well your loved one appears to be adjusting-particularly when he/she is initially enrolled. 

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