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10 Tips for Ensuring Safety for those with Alzheimer’s Disease who Wander

If you are a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) who tends to wonder, you are most likely very concerned about his/her safety.  Here are some tips to plan ahead to maintain the personal safety of those with AD.

1.Be sure to get a medical identification bracelet to inform rescuers, police or medical staff of your loved one’s medical condition and address in case of an emergency.

2.Inform your neighbors, any merchants in the neighborhood, and local police about the possibility of wandering.

3.Keep a recent photo as well as the most recent medical records on your loved one in an accessible place to be referred when needed.

4.Label your loved one’s clothing and personal belongings (backpack and/or purse) so that if he/she does wander, the home address and a contact number are accessible to those who may try to help.

5.Safety proof the house to avoid falls if your loved one gets up at night.  Make sure rugs are secure, place a flashlight within close reach, and remove furniture that may obscure the path of a person walking around at night to prevent falls. 

6.Install nightlights

7.Lock up medicine and keep firearms out of the house.

8.Keep car keys and automatic garage door openers out of reach of your loved one.

9.Secure doors and windows and use locks that require a key to prevent him/her from leaving the house-particularly at night when others are sleeping.

10.Consider an alarm to notify you when the door opens.

Each individual with AD is unique and making the call for when full time care is necessary is up to the family, caregiver/s and the physician.  If your loved one begins wandering frequently, it’s important to inform the physician and start considering 24/7 care. 

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