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Top 7 Things Alzheimer’s Caregivers Should Never Do

As a caregiver you have most likely read many articles about what you should do when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but what about the “don’ts” of caregiving?
Here is a list of things you may want to avoid as a caregiver:

1. Don’t be in denial-although it may be easier to shut down and just ignore symptoms of AD, it’s imperative that you attempt to observe and report symptoms to the physician promptly in order to help your loved one get proper treatment as early as possible in the disease process.

2.Don’t take things personally, even when your loved one can’t remember important events in your life, remember it’s just a symptom of the disease NOT a deficit in his/her character.

3.Don’t bombard your loved one with questions about what he/she remembers from the past, instead simply talk about the event and wait to see if he/she chimes into the conversation.  This tactic will keep your loved one from feeling overwhelmed by constantly trying to remember events he/she has simply forgot due to the disease process.

4.Don’t be impatient.  Expect that your loved one may repeatedly ask the same question over and over. When you lower your expectations, coping with some of the stressors of AD is made easier.
5.Don’t argue with loved one with AD, it’s much easier to simply change the subject than to continually attempt to contradict him/her.  An argument will probably never be resolved anyhow.  To avoid negativity it may be easier to simply listen, agree and/or change the subject.

6.Don’t delay asking for help when needed-even if this means getting professionals to help in the home or exploring options for an alternative living environment for your loved on.

7.Don’t stop visiting your loved one regularly even in the later stages of the disease when he/she may not always recognize you.

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