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Products for Alzheimer's Help

If you are a caregiver you may be interested in learning about some great products to provide Alzheimer’s help, whether your loved one needs assistance with mobility, safety or activities of daily living. 

For those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), there are devices designed to make daily activities of living (such as getting dressed)easier.  In fact if you CLICK HERE to check out this website, you can search for the type of product/s you are looking for. Able Data Tools & Technologies offers over thirty thousand products to enhance mobility and help with Alzheimer’s disease and disabilities.  If you prefer to call the company, the toll free number is 1-800-227-0216

If it’s durable medical equipment that would help you’re loved one with AD, you may be interested to learn that wheel chairs, walkers and even electric devices may be covered by Medicare or other insurance companies.  In order to be approved, most insurance companies require that you qualify under Medicare guidelines by showing that your loved one needs the chair for activities of daily living. Learn more about funding for wheelchairs by CLICKING HERE

To find a variety of products that can help provide safety around the house such as grab bars in the shower, wheel chair ramps and more, CLICK HERE

If you are searching for volunteers to help with Alzheimer’s disease, check out the Senior Care page at Volunteers of America by CLICKING HERE. Volunteers in your community are trained to provide respite care and companionship, help with meals, provide housekeeping services, transportation and more.

Learn more about topics for Alzheimer’s caregivers by CLICKING HERE to join our 25 lesson course at

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