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Tips for Hiring in Home Alzheimer’s Help for Family Caregivers Part II

The second method for family caregivers to hire an in-home Alzheimer’s help is to go through a home health agency. 

The primary advantage to using a home health agency to hire in home assistance is that the candidates are all pre-screened and usually have experience.  Family caregivers can express a priority of hiring a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or even a Certified Alzheimer’s Caregiver-depending on the stage of Alzheimer’s disease and the level of care required.

The Alzheimer’s Association has a helpline available for families looking for home health agencies in their local geographic area at 800-272-3900. 

Keep in mind the following guidelines when hiring in-home assistance for your loved one with AD;

1.What type of help is needed-make a list of expectations and job duties you need someone to help perform.

2.What hours of coverage are needed?  This applies to respite care needs for individuals who need 24/7 care or for hiring assistance with meals, or specific personal care.

3.What credentials and level of experience do you require of an in-home care assistant?

4.How much do you expect to pay?  Try coming up with an incremental amount based on experience and level of expertise-professional credentials.

5.What is included in the work agreement?  Here are a list of items commonly involved;
•A detailed list of job duties
•Daily and weekly routine including meal and medication times and other daily activities such as exercise or socialization.
•A list of activities that can be performed as needed.
•Hourly wages and benefits (if any are being offered).
•Work schedule hours
•Any specific rules or expectations
•A list of caregiver rights-includes the right to perform surprise visits
•List of unacceptable behaviors and consequences (including what constitutes loss of the job such as being chronically late).
•An area with blank lines for signatures and dates to be signed by both parties.

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