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Tips for Assisting Your Loved One Learn About Technology-Part I

No other generation in the history of civilization has observed such advancements in technology as the senior population of today.  Those in their 70’s and older have experienced technological advances ranging from old time radio networks and rotary phones to cell phones, cable and internet T.V., and computers.

According to a recent survey in 2014, nearly half of all seniors over 65 have no idea how to use the internet and around 25% can’t use cellular phones.  The survey went on to break down several reasons for the trouble many seniors are having with modern technology, including;

•Many seniors reported skepticism about the benefits of using technology
•Seniors expressed fear of a security threat of their personal/financial information on the internet
•A large percentage of seniors have physical handicaps preventing them from using technology properly-for example, severe arthritis inhibits the ability to type on a keyboard or use small buttons on a cell phone
•Difficulty learning how to use new technology

Benefits of Technology for Seniors

Many seniors probably don’t even realize the benefits offered in the use of technology.  For example, homebound seniors craving connection with their family and socialization could really benefit from using SKPE and being about to talk to long distance relatives and friends.
The ability to read books (listen to audiobooks) play games, read current news, shop online, share pictures and videos and chat on social media websites are just a few examples of how many seniors could enjoy having the knowledge to use the internet.

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