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Tips for Assisting Your Loved One Learn About Technology-Part II

As mentioned in the previous post, studies show that a large percentage of seniors are unable to use modern technology today, such as the computer or a cell phone.  here are some tips for helping your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) learn how to use technology:

•Ensure that cell phones and computer screens have large font that easy to read

•Advance slowly to introduce new techniques one at a time-don’t overload your loved one with too much technology at one time

•The appeal for seniors, when it comes to technology, normal revolves around affairs of the heart-such as being able to see family photos or videos and/or chat live with grandchildren, keep this in mind when introducing functions of the computer, smart phones or social media

•Studies have shown that most seniors are more comfortable using tablets or e-book readers than smart phones, be sure to select the best device for your loved one

•Give personal attention and lots of 1:1 instruction to your loved one when teaching him/her about technology, don’t leave it up to a stranger or push him/her into taking a computer class

•Ask the experts (the grandchildren) to help, everyone knows kids are usually the most computer savvy and they can easily capture the attention of the grandparents

•Exercise patience and be prepared to repeat demonstrations over and over, it’s common that it takes repetitive attempts for seniors to be able to use technology correctly, particularly those with memory problems.

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