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Long Term Housing Options for Those with Alzheimer’s Disease-Part II

In Home Care (Medical)

Medical in home care incorporates skilled nursing help in the home environment.  Nurses may come by to help with medical procedures, give medication or provide 24 hour care-depending on the skill level needed.  In home care can also include physical therapy, occupational therapy, IV therapy and other supportive services.  Nursing and professional services are usually provided on a short term basis only, but many families find it helpful to hire nursing assistants for an entire day or perhaps even around the clock for companionship and supervision.

Assisted Living Facilities

Residential care services may be a good option, particularly for loved ones who reside out of state or long distance from other family members.  This is a good option for individuals in the early or middle stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  Every facility is unique in services offered, but most provide meals and social activities.  Combining services is another option when your loved one needs help with medications or medical procedures.  Skilled nursing care can be arranged at the Assisted Living Facility. 
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Specialty Communities

Some facilities offer special care living communities designed specifically for the needs of individuals with dementia.  This type of environment implements extra safety measures such as securing exits and prevent wandering.  Dementia specialty communities provide a higher level of supervision than other types of residential living facilities and may offer services such as exercise group and other social activities and gatherings.  This type of facility would be most appropriate for the later stages of AD dementia.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

This is the highest level of care for those who need 24/7 nursing supervision.  Skilled Nursing facilities are for individuals who cannot provide self-care and need daily help with dressing, eating, bathing toileting and other types of daily care. 
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