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Help A Caregiver with Spring Cleaning

Now that spring is just around the corner, many people are planning a spring cleaning day-particularly for seniors.  Spring cleaning may not be such a popular activity for younger people these days, but if you have a friend or family member who has Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a good spring cleaning may be just what the Dr. ordered as they say!

Elderly folks with AD may have trouble keeping up with a regular household cleaning routine-even those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. 

If you are helping a caregiver or a person with AD do some spring cleaning chores, here is a handy checklist to help get the job done;

Wipe out the refrigerator

Clean the laundry area

Move heavy furniture and dust or scrub underneath

Scrub the floors

Wash the windows and curtains or clean blinds

Clean out cabinets in the kitchen and dispose of food that has expired

Check the medicine cabinet to ensure all prescription and over the counter medications are still within the expiration date

Replace smoke detector batteries

Check hallways for clutter and clear out anything that looks like it could be a tripping hazard
Check light fixtures and replace any burned out bulbs

De-clutter old newspapers, accumulated mail or other junk

Evaluate any new safety needs-such as the need for grab bars or wheel chair ramps

Be sure to enlist as much help as possible from other family members when performing yearly spring cleaning and involve your loved one with AD to help as much as he/she is capable of doing.
If your loved one has a problem with hoarding, be sure to do some research to learn more about the disorder and how to best go about removing old accumulated belongings-CLICK HERE to read an article on senior hording. 

Spring cleaning is a great time to do an annual evaluation of just how well the current living situation is working out.  Does your loved one with AD need extra help around the house?  Perhaps it’s time to have a family discussion considering a more structured living environment-or other alternative living arrangements to meet the needs of your loved one with AD. 

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