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New Hope for Medications to Treat Alzheimer's Disease

There is new hope for medical treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  New drugs to treat Alzheimer’s dementia could be available by 2025, according to renowned dementia expert, Professor John Hardy at University College London.  According to new clinical drug trials, new medication to treat Alzheimer’s disease looks promising in the next decade.

Professor Hardy stated: “I think we’re on target for therapies by 2025. All of us are excited about drug trials that are going on now. In the coming year we will know if we are already at the start of a new era of better treatments for slowing or stopping the development of Alzheimer’s disease. I am confident that over the next decade or so we will find more effective ways of preventing or slowing down the dementias. By 2050 such advances should be benefiting at least a million people a year in the UK.”

Other good news, according to Alzheimer’s experts, includes the fact that dementia rates have decreased-primarily due to improvement in lifestyle such as changes in diet and exercise-which can positively impact brain health.

One new drug that has attracted attention by the medical profession recently is a drug called solanezumab.  Solanezumab helps to improve mental decline in those with AD.  One study indicates a 33 percent improvement in mental decline as a result of removing amyloid plaques in the brain.  This drug differs from other medications used for AD, in that most other drugs simply treat symptoms whereas solanezumab treats what is thought to be the source of the disease-amyloid plaques.

Experts involved in Alzheimer’s research also find great potential in new drug trials for AD involving medication that slow the progression of memory loss.  These new drugs could be life changing for millions of adults with AD.

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