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Study Shows Mindfulness Practice Helps Caregivers AND Care Recipients-Part II

The study conducted at Northwestern is the first of its type to indicate that caregivers as well as folks with AD benefit from taking mindfulness training together-in the same class.  This finding is particularly encouraging, considering the fact that many caregivers are short on free time spent away from the care recipient.  Studies such as these may encourage caregivers to sign up for classes they can conveniently attend along with their loved one. 

The mindfulness training also found to facilitate positive communication between those with AD and their caregivers. 

Study co-author, Sandra Weintraub stated, “The practice of mindfulness places both participants in the present and focuses on positive features of the interaction, allowing for a type of connection that may substitute for the more complex ways of communicating in the past. It is a good way to address stress.”

Study author, Ken Paller was pleased to learn that although participants had memory loss, they could still participate in the mindfulness training and experienced positive emotions as a result of the training.

Paller stated; “We saw lower depression scores and improved ratings on sleep quality and quality of life for both groups,” said Paller, director of the cognitive neuroscience program. “After eight sessions of this training we observed a positive difference in their lives.”

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