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10 Fun Summer Activities for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

If you are a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you may be aware of the need for balancing all you do for your loved one, with spending more quality time doing the things you enjoy.

As summer approaches, you may find yourself feeling restless, missing out on fun summer gatherings and outdoor barbecues,  neighborhood parties and/or week long family vacations.  When you start to feel restless, it’s a sign that you need to schedule a little more “me” time.  Here are some ideas for 10 great summer activities for caregivers;

•Take a long nature walk-whether you live in the city or near the beach, find a nice tree lined path or blaze your own walking trail. The important thing is just to get outside and connect with nature.

•Plan to go to a local coffee shop and indulge in your favorite latte, cappuccino or coffee drink.  Whether you take a book, ask a friend to join you, or just sit back and people watch, the primary purpose is to savor the time to relax and enjoy.

•Watch the sunset at a local beach or alternate outdoor location.  Connecting with nature is good for the soul and watching a sunset is a great way to relax, unwind and practice staying in the now. 

•Make a date with a friend to go to the movies, or rent an all-time favorite, make popcorn and enjoy the evening at home.

•Spend some time at the beach or your local community pool.  Swimming is great low impact exercise and a good way to release stress.  Choose to swim laps or simply float on a blow up raft, the most only thing that really matters is that you enjoy yourself.

•Plan a potluck barbecue or picnic to socialize outdoors with friends or family. 

•Take a bike ride, go skating or plan an overnight camp out.

•Enjoy an outdoor band or upcoming neighborhood block party.  Summer is usually jam packed with community activities, check out your local neighborhood newspaper, or an online community website to find upcoming local events.

•Work in the garden.  Gardening is described by many enthusiasts as being “energizing.”  If you enjoy getting your hands in the dirt, this is a good way to reduce stress and get the focus off your daily “to do” list.

•Plan an overnight trip out of town.  Hire a respite caregiver and give yourself a much deserved overnight or better yet, an entire weekend off. 

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