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Halloween Tips for Caregivers

Although Halloween is known for being a fun holiday for kids and adults alike, it can be a stressful time for those with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), particularly for individuals in the later stages of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Here are some tips for a safe Halloween for those with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers:

1.Be aware that decorations and scary sounds (such as creaky doors or screaming ghouls) could cause confusion or even fear for individuals with Alzheimer’s dementia.  Avoid scary items such as giant spiders, hanging ghouls or ghosts, graveyard scenes, skeletons and jack-o-lanterns.

2.Forgo having trick or treaters come to the door.  Constant ringing of the doorbell and kids with scary costumes may induce anxiety and confusion for folks in the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Consider having someone sit outside and give out candy to avoid having kids knock at the door.

3.Keep in mind that flashing lights such as light up decorative candles and pumpkins could potentially cause those with AD to become disoriented. 

4.Turning lights out or dimming lights could result in a falls risk.

5.Avoid shopping with your loved one with AD at stores that sell costumes and/or are heavily stocked with scary Halloween décor.

6.Keep dietary restrictions (limiting sugar) in mind for those with AD and keep the Halloween candy out of sight. 

If you are looking for some safe alternatives and fun things to do with your loved one with AD this Halloween, check out the blog titled “Fun Halloween Things to do for Alzheimer’s Caregivers.” 

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