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REACH II Study Evaluates Interventions to Support Alzheimer’s Caregivers-Part II

The REACH II study looked at 642 participants including over 200 of each of the following ethnicities: Hispanic, Caucasian, and African-American caregivers. The caregivers within each ethnic group were randomly assigned to either an intervention or a control group.

Professional staff members offered face to face and phone support sessions to teach stress management strategies to those in the intervention group.  The control group simply received an information packet of educational materials on dementia and 2 quick phone calls to check in. 

Before and after the support services were offered the trained professionals evaluated the overall quality of life for the caregivers, to evaluate self-care and to assess for prevalence of clinical depression.  After 6 months passed the caregivers’ overall quality of life was significantly improved among the Hispanic and Caucasian caregivers as well as African-American spouse caregivers. 

Overall, among the intervention group 45 percent of the Hispanic participants, 40 percent of the Caucasians, and 28 percent of the African-American caregivers reported life improvements. Comparatively, the control group only reported 7, 13 and 11 percent improvement from Hispanic, Caucasian and African American caregivers.

Sidney M. Stahl, Ph.D., at the NIA’s Behavioral and Social Research Program stated, “REACH II was a carefully constructed, controlled study involving a diverse group of caregivers at five sites across the country. We are excited to demonstrate that the intervention really helps family members caring for people with Alzheimer’s.”

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