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Tips on Avoiding Holiday Stress for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) you may be experiencing more holiday stress than usual this year.  Planning in advance by putting a few simple strategies in place can really help alleviate Holiday stress. 

Discuss holiday plans with close friends and relatives.  It is important to attempt to stick to the regular daily routine as much as possible, particularly during the holidays.  Staying up late and losing sleep or eating at odd hours of the day and night may cause more stress than its worth.  Consider planning holiday get togethers early in the day rather than late evening hours. 

It’s also important to continue taking care of yourself as a caregiver.  Maintain your regular work out schedule and don’t forget to take some time off to enjoy the holidays yourself.  Many caregivers think of themselves last, but you deserve time for a little laughter and enjoyment in life.  Enlist the help of friends or family and schedule time to spend with out of town guests or others.

Plan ahead for your loved one with AD during the holidays.  Set aside space for a quiet room to use if your loved one gets overcome with stress, confusion or too much stimulation. 

If you get too overwhelmed, don’t forget you are never alone; help is just around the corner.  Check out the support referral page on the website of the Alzheimer’s Association at to find a support group near you.

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