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Maria Shriver's "Move For Minds" Event Raises Alzheimer's Awareness

New York Times best-selling author, Maria Shriver, is an expert in the changing needs of women in today’s world; she is also a huge advocate for raising awareness and fighting the cause when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease.  In fact, Shriver is one of the top advocates for people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and their family members. 

Shriver founded the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, a nonprofit organization aimed at supporting the efforts of finding out why AD primarily impacts women.  The organization raises money to support women-based research by partnering with leading AD organizations to award grants to women-based research projects.  The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement also supports families of people with AD by partnering with organizations to provide caregiver relief grants. The movement’s educational component informs women about AD risks, and provides education on AD prevention measures.

In 2003 Shriver’s father was diagnosed with AD, he passed away because of the disease in 2011.  In 2009 Maria Shriver signed on as co- executive producer of a 4 part documentary series on HBO called “The Alzheimer"s Project.” The documentary was instrumental in helping to raise public awareness of the devastating effects of AD.  Click here to view the informative special documentary (filmed in collaboration with the National Institute of Aging and the Alzheimer’s Association) that follows several families affected by AD.  Shriver wrote a best-selling children’s book for kids dealing with AD in the family. One of the HBO films in the 4-part series-“Grandpa, Do you Know Who I Am?” was based on Shriver’s book.

On June 4th, 2017, The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement sponsored an event featured in 8 cities across the U.S., called “Move For MINDS.”  The event featured a day to dedicate to mind/body connection while raising funds to fight Alzheimer’s.  Equinox Sports Clubs partnered up with The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement to provide physical locations for the event.  Participants involved in the event supported the movement against AD by learning about physical activity (specifically designed for brain health) and eating brain-healthy snacks.  Featured at the event was a panel of experts on brain research, fitness, and nutrition-see a video and learn more about what the panel had to say about brain health and Alzheimer’s by clicking here

This groundbreaking event was originally launched last year, but this year it has expanded to involve 8 cities including, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, L.A., and Irvine, CA. 

For those who were unable to participate at one of the events across the country, the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement reports that it’s not too late, you can donate to the cause today by clicking here.  Donations will help support the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.

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