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September is World Alzheimer's Month

September has been deemed “World Alzheimer’s Month,” a time to focus on supporting Alzheimer’s and dementia awareness.  The international campaign was started back in 2012.  The official day of the celebration is September 21st every year. Its primary purpose is to raise awareness and to support the public in learning how to defy the stigma surrounding AD dementia.

The year 2017, marks the 6th annual World Alzheimer’s Month around the globe.  This year’s theme is, “Remember Me,” a motto intended to accentuate the importance of screening and early Alzheimer’s disease detection.

A recent poll showed that two out of every three people, in various countries around the world, believe there is very little clear understanding of dementia. This lack of knowledge, along with a high level of misunderstanding and stigmatization, is common when it comes to the general public knowing about the cause and treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia.  According to the founders of World Alzheimer’s Month, this lack of understanding represents a “global problem that requires global action.”

There are many ways to get involved this year for those who want to support the Alzheimer’s education and awareness cause.  One way is to contact your local Alzheimer’s Association to request more information at  Another option is to visit the World Alzheimer’s Month website by CLICKING HERE The organization has launched a “coordinated global voice on dementia,” to promote AD awareness and education throughout the year. You can follow the campaign on Facebook and other social media websites, go to your local Alzheimer’s Association website for more details. 

Getting involved also means supporting this year’s campaign message theme by seeking out early detection, screening and education.  One way to learn more about AD diagnosis, the stages of AD, and Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention, is to join Alzheimer’s Universe, and take a free course aimed at educating people in the early stages of AD, and their caregivers.

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