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Online Resources for Seniors with Alzheimer's Disease

If you are a family member or caregiver for a person with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you may be searching online for reliable information about the disease.  When searching online for Alzheimer’s disease resources, be aware that all websites on AD are not the most reliable when it comes to credible, up to date information.  To help you in your search, has put together the following list of online AD resources:

The Alzheimer’s Association
Offers a wealth of up to date information for Alzheimer’s education as well as resources for caregivers including: 

-Information on clinical research
-Upcoming conferences for Alzheimer’s education
-Diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease
-Links to local support groups for Alzheimer’s caregivers

National Institute on Aging for Alzheimer’s Caregivers
A great online source of information for people with Alzheimer’s disease, you can find out about topics such as:

-Caregivers for people in the later stages of AD
-Building a support network
-Community resources (such as respite services, meals, and transportation)
-Additional online resources

ARCH Respite Network
Offers programs, services, and locator tools, as well as respite training webinars on topics like:

-Community respite locator
-Training resources
-Public awareness

Family Caregiver Alliance
Provides information about education and other services for family caregivers including:

-Caregiving products
-Education on debilitating diseases
-Legal help
-Home care services
-Government health and disability programs
-Extensive local community service information

Provides information on how to sign up for Medicare, who qualifies for Medicare benefits, and how to find local facilities and providers that accept Medicare payment.  Specific information that can be found on the site:

-Get help with medical costs
-Sign up for a plan
-Learn how Medicare works with other insurance

Caregiver Action Network
Offers expert advice from former or current caregivers with information such as:

-Tips for caregivers
-Volunteer support network listing in over 40 states
-Caregiver toolbox
Provides information on long term care, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services on topics such as:

-Financial planning for long-term care
-Medicare and Medicaid coverage for long-term care services
-Steps to stay in the home
-Long-term care options

Social Security Administration
Source of information on how to sign up for retirement and disability benefits

-How to prepare for a disability interview
-Calculate benefits based on social security earnings
-Sign up for disability

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Provides Alzheimer’s disease education and diagnosis information and lists local events and fundraisers

-Caregiver resources
-Alzheimer’s training
-Healthcare professional education
-Fundraising opportunities
-Information on grants for respite care
-Funds research for AD medical treatment

National Council for Aging Care
Includes a complete guide for Veteran seniors (including disability benefits and more CLICK HERE to access the Veteran’s Guide.

-Safety information (such as falls prevention)
-Exercise guide for seniors
-Senior financial information
-Heart health information
-Medicare guidelines

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