Dec 2018

College Students Volunteer to Give the Gift of Music to People with Alzheimer's Dementia

The impact of music on the brain, for those with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has been studied quite extensively, as medical experts aim to identify as many Alzheimer’s prevention measures as possible. Music…

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Zombie Cells Identified in Alzheimer's Disease for the First Time

In the world of cell physiology, cells that can’t die, but are unable to function normally, have been referred to as “Zombie cells.” These are old, worn out cells that are seen in several age-related…

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College Students Raise Money to Help with Alzheimer's Disease

As the awareness level of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) becomes more prevalent, college students around the country are stepping up to the plate to help raise money for the cause. One such university is Providence…

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High School Students Use Technology and Music to Impact Families Living with Alzheimer's (Part 2)

At Clark Street Community School (CSCS), a high school in Wisconsin, students are teaming up with the Music & Memory program, using technology (iPods) and music, to help people with Alzheimer’s…

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High School Students Use Technology and Music to Impact Families Living with Alzheimer’s Disease (Part I)

Many school clubs and organizations are starting up around the country, involving students who want to volunteer to help people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Some are focusing on educating the public,…

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