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College Students Raise Money to Help with Alzheimer's Disease

As the awareness level of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) becomes more prevalent, college students around the country are stepping up to the plate to help raise money for the cause.

One such university is Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island.  The students at Providence participated in the Alzheimer’s Associations’ “annual “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” fundraising event and raised over $2,000 to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association’s Rhode Island Chapter.  The money will help fund education, care and support for Rhode Islanders dealing with AD.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease

The annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s event is the largest event in the nation, aimed at raising awareness and funds to Fight AD. Every year communities across the United States participate in the event, to help raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association.  The donations go to help support Alzheimer’s care and research endeavors.  When volunteers walk in the yearly event, not only does it help to raise much needed money, the walk also helps increase Alzheimer’s awareness in the community.

Other College Student Groups

Another group of students, from the Institute of Gerontology - College of Public Health, UGA, participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event.  The students raised $450 to help raise awareness of AD, and the donations are ongoing; donations can be made on the Walk to End Alzheimer’s website.

Unconventional Fundraisers

Since 2014 over 150 colleges accross the country have raised over $300,000 to help with Alzheimer’s disease, through a program called Hilarity for Charity (HFC).

HFC is a non-profit organization that was started by Seth Rogen and his wife, Laura Miller Rogen. The charity invites students to organize their own charitable events on campus, to help raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s disease. 

Students who raise the most money can qualify to win the grand prize—a live visit (at your school campus) from Seth.

To set up your school’s fundraiser, go to  Crowdrise is a fundraising platform designed exclusively for charitable giving. Students can document their charitable endeavors and see the impact of their giving over time.  When you go to the website, simply click the “Fundraise to Enter” button,then you can proceed to create a team for your Program Board, RHA, or other campus organization.  Students are encouraged to reach out to other schools to suggest fundraising competitions between campuses.

Proceeds from Hilarity for Charity go to support:

-In Home care grants

-Awareness and support groups, including Google Hangout support group

-Cutting edge research

The program starts October 15Th and goes until November 30Th, but, open enrollment is available, so teams can sign up at any time.

CLICK HERE to contact HFC to get set up with a fundraising page and receive all the tools and information you need to start fundraising in October.

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