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Online Resources for Seniors with Alzheimer's Disease

If you are a family member or caregiver for a person with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you may be searching online for reliable information about the disease. When searching online for Alzheimer’s disease…

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Panel Discussion on Alzheimer's Disease and Exercise Featured on The Today Show

On June 4th a panel of brain health experts convened at the Equinox Sports Club in New York City to honor the Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month and address questions for participants of the Move for…

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June is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month and "The Longest Day"

June has been deemed Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month. It’s a time to “shine a purple light for the millions of people living with Alzheimer’s,” says the Alzheimer’s Association. Friends and…

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Studies Reveal Canine Companionship May Help with Alzheimer's Disease

Many people know that dogs are good companions, but recent clinical studies point to the beneficial impact of canine companionship on emotional and physical health as well. In fact, Dr. Elizabeth Pegg…

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Cancer Drugs Could Help Treat Alzheimer's Disease

Can the use of cancer drugs really provide Alzheimer’s help? New medical research says yes. According to new studies published in the Journal of Science Advances (performed by an international team of…

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Alzheimer’s Caregivers-Know the Signs of Elder Abuse

If you care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and you employ help for respite care, it’s vital that you are informed about the signs and symptoms of elder abuse. Of course no one…

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Moving your Loved One with Alzheimer's Disease into Your Home

If you are a family caregiver who plans to move your loved one into your home, you may be interested in learning about some facts about multigenerational family trends in the United States. As the numbers…

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Tips for Hiring in Home Alzheimer’s Help for Family Caregivers Part II

The second method for family caregivers to hire an in-home Alzheimer’s help is to go through a home health agency. The primary advantage to using a home health agency to hire in home assistance is that…

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Tips for Hiring in Home Alzheimer's Help-for Family Caregivers Part I

When family caregivers need Alzheimer’s help-to tackle all the daily tasks required in caring for a loved one with dementia, there are many factors to consider. Two primary options for hiring in- home…

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Tips for Caregivers in Getting Help with Alzheimer's

When caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) take on the responsibility of a loved one without regularly scheduled time off periods, it’s a recipe for disaster resulting in caregiver…

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Recommended Books for Alzheimer's Help

If you are looking for some great reading material for Alzheimer’s help, here is a list of recommended books written specifically for caregivers and those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).…

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Products for Alzheimer's Help

If you are a caregiver you may be interested in learning about some great products to provide Alzheimer’s help, whether your loved one needs assistance with mobility, safety or activities of daily living.…

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7 Challenges for Long Distance Caregivers

If you are a long distance caregiver for a friend or family member with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you may already know what a challenge it can be to manage care from afar. Many long distance caregivers…

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Top 7 Things Alzheimer’s Caregivers Should Never Do

As a caregiver you have most likely read many articles about what you should do when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but what about the “don’ts” of caregiving?…

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Benefits of Joining an Alzheimer’s Support Group

Although most caregivers will say there are many benefits of caring for a close friend or family member with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), they may also mention the many trials involved during the various…

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Alzheimer's Help for Caregivers-Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Caregivers with Chronic Acid Reflux

Most caregivers know that with all the added responsibilities of providing daily Alzheimer’s help for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), comes the risk of many different stres related illnesses.…

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Safety in the Bathroom for Those with Alzheimer’s Disease

Did you know that the bathroom is known for being the most hazardous room in the house when it comes to household accidents? In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) report in 2008,…

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Keeping Records for Those with Alzheimer’s Disease

If you are a family caregiver, you may worry about all kinds of things regarding your loved one’s health. For Alzheimer’s help, here are some suggestions for a checklist of items to keep handy for…

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Tips for Choosing the Proper Portions for Alzheimer's Nutrition

One of the biggest problems with diet in the U.S. is that over the years our portion sizes continue to get bigger and bigger. As far back as the 1980’s portion sizes have started to increase substantially.…

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