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Could Alzheimer's Disease be Caused by Herpes? A New Study Says Maybe

With all the advanced research in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), it’s difficult to believe that the cause of the disease could come down to something really simple, like treating Herpes.…

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Marijuana Found to Engender Both a Therapeutic or Damaging Effect on the Brain, Depending on Age & Other Factors

Marijuana is the most used illicit substance in the country; experts anticipate that its use will continue to increase, as the substance becomes legalized in more and more states. Interestingly, marijuana…

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New Study Links Early Alzheimer's with Psychiatric Symptoms

A new study, conducted at the University of Sao Paulo (in collaboration with the Brazilian Biobank for Aging Studies) has discovered a link between the pathology of early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in the…

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Zombie Cells Identified in Alzheimer's Disease for the First Time

In the world of cell physiology, cells that can’t die, but are unable to function normally, have been referred to as “Zombie cells.” These are old, worn out cells that are seen in several age-related…

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A New Study Shows that Abstaining from Alcohol & Heavy Drinking can Increase Dementia Risk

Just as it is in most situations in life, maintaining balance seems to be the key to long-term brain health, particularly when it comes to alcohol consumption. A new study, published in The British Medical…

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How Cognitive Vitality Can Help with Alzheimer's Treatment and Prevention

The Alzheimer’s Discovery Foundation (ADDF) is a non-profit organization has a mission to support Alzheimer’s research. In fact, ADDF was involved in sponsoring the first-ever diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s…

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