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College Students Volunteer to Give the Gift of Music to People with Alzheimer's Dementia

The impact of music on the brain, for those with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has been studied quite extensively, as medical experts aim to identify as many Alzheimer’s prevention measures as possible. Music…

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College Students Raise Money to Help with Alzheimer's Disease

As the awareness level of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) becomes more prevalent, college students around the country are stepping up to the plate to help raise money for the cause. One such university is Providence…

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Students from the University of Southern California Offer Low-cost Alzheimer's Caregiving Services

The University of Southern California (USC) has launched a new program that offers affordable respite care services (provided by students) to help Alzheimer&r’s caregivers. The pilot project started by…

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College Students at University of Maryland Students Designed an Alzheimer's Detection Prototype

Technology has come a long way in the health care field. Today, it is more accessible than ever, and young people of all ages, from high school, to undergraduate students, are getting involved in creating…

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What College Students Need to Know About Learning, Sleep and Alzheimer's Disease

Staying up all night to cram, may seem like a good solution for getting through college, but, it’s not the best idea for students who want to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, getting plenty of sleep…

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Tips on How College Students Can Get More Sleep-Part 2

Here are more tips from Huffington Post for college students who want to get more sleep: Recent studies have discovered that getting enough sleep may be a very important aspect of learning. If you are…

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Tips on How College Students Can Get More Sleep-Part I

Recent studies have shown that getting enough sleep is an important aspect of learning, brain health, and Alzheimer’s prevention. If you are a college student, who is concerned about not getting enough…

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Could the Herpes Virus Play a Role in Alzheimer’s Disease?

If you are a college student, you may be surprised to learn that now is the best time to begin following a healthy lifestyle regimen for Alzheimer’s prevention. This involves learning about the latest…

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College Students Raise Funds for The Alzheimer's Association

June is a special month for Alzheimer’s prevention; it’s the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s fundraising event, sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association. June is a month denoted as a special time to support…

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College Students Learn About Alzheimer’s Disease (Part 2)

Learning About Alzheimer’s Disease Once the students are selected for the Art to Life course, they must engage in some education about Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and dementia. Each college student is required…

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College Students Learn About Alzheimer's Disease (Part I)

Courses about Alzheimer’s disease are becoming more and more prevalent at the college level these days. As medical research discovers more about the impact of early lifestyle intervention for Alzheimer’s…

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College Professor Says Students Display Bad Habits that May Contribute to Alzheimer’s

Britton Nathan, assistant chair of the science department at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, gave a lecture on the association between common habits of college students, and Alzheimer’s…

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What College Students Can Do to Lower Alzheimer's Risk: The Lancet Report on Lifestyle & Dementia Prevention

If you are a young adult, wondering what you can do to reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you may be interested in a recent study published by The Lancet. The first Lancet Commission…

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Stepping Into The Caregiver Role Sooner in Life Than Expected

When family members are called on to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) early in life, this is what researchers call an “off-time event.” Simply put, it’s when one of life’s expected experiences…

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