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Test Question Results May Predict the Risk of Alzheimer's in High School Students (Part 1)

A recent Chicago Tribune article reported on the largest survey, ever, involving American teenagers—440,000 to be exact. The survey was administered back in 1960 and it took 2 and a half days to complete.…

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Virtual Reality Technology May Help High School Students Understand Alzheimer's Disease (Part 2)

Innovative new technology is helping with Alzheimer’s education. 20 Illinois high school students at Northside College Preparatory School in Chicago, recently engaged in learning about Alzheimer’s disease…

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Virtual Reality Technology May Help High School Students Understand Alzheimer's Disease (Part 1)

A new virtual reality tool is helping high school students gain insight into what it’s really like to have Alzheimer&r’s disease. The virtual reality learning program was presented at this year’s Alzheimer’s…

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High School Students Use Technology and Music to Impact Families Living with Alzheimer's (Part 2)

At Clark Street Community School (CSCS), a high school in Wisconsin, students are teaming up with the Music & Memory program, using technology (iPods) and music, to help people with Alzheimer’s…

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High School Students Use Technology and Music to Impact Families Living with Alzheimer’s Disease (Part I)

Many school clubs and organizations are starting up around the country, involving students who want to volunteer to help people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Some are focusing on educating the public,…

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High School Students Team Up to Educate the Community About Alzheimer's Disease

At Northwood High School, in Irvine, California, students have gathered to launch the school’s first, Alzheimer’s Awareness Club. The club was formed to educate other students, and the local community,…

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Students in Hudson Wisconsin Create an App to Help People with Alzheimer's Disease

It seems that students around the country, of all ages, have been jumping on the technology bandwagon, using digital apps to help people with Alzheimer’s disease(AD). Just like 14 year old Emma Yang and…

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High School Student Creates an App That Helps People with Alzheimer's Remember Loved Ones

If you have a grandparent, friend or other family member with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you may be familiar with the many challenges involved in having a loved one with memory loss. One common symptom…

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Alzheimer's Resources for High School Students

There are many online resources aimed at educating and supporting teenagers about Alzheimer’s disease, including: The Alzheimer’s Foundation This web page was created to increase awareness of the disease…

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What High School Students Should Know About Education and Alzheimer''s Prevention

The brain is an amazing organ, supplied with its own mechanism for bypassing anomalies, such as those caused by Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Cognitive reserve is the term used for the brain’s ability to…

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The Rita Hayward Gala's "Pure Imagination"' Fundraising Event Honors Gene Wilder, Who Died of Alzheimer's in 2016

Most high school students have fond memories of favorite childhood movies; among the most well-loved memories for many kids was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, starring Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder…

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High School Student Assists with Alzheimer's Research Project at Seminole State

Most researchers who wind up getting published in a scientific journal have an advanced college degree, and many letters behind their name. But, Nikhil Patel, a high school student, challenged the concept…

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Go Big or Go Home: An Inspirational Story of a Teenage Caregiver

The American Association of Caregiving reported in 2015 that approximately 1.4 million kids between ages 8 and 18 are caregivers in the U.S. In many instances the care recipient (person receiving care)…

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