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High School Student Project Helps People with Alzheimer's Recall Memories

Memories are basically what shapes a person’s life, and most certainly comprises the history of each personal story. Alzheimer’s disease (AD), robs its victims of these treasured memories, leaving people…

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High School Students Show Low Level of Stigma Toward People with Alzheimer's

When a person is affected by a debilitating disease or condition, it seems as though there is always some type of stigma attached. This is most likely the result of misunderstanding, or perhaps even fear…

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Test Question Results May Predict the Risk of Alzheimer's in High School Students (Part 1)

A recent Chicago Tribune article reported on the largest survey, ever, involving American teenagers—440,000 to be exact. The survey was administered back in 1960 and it took 2 and a half days to complete.…

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