Helpful Links

Alzheimer's Association website
Includes caregiver information and resources such as: local support group referrals and educational information on AD, information on current AD research projects, and a section just for caregivers offering useful tools such as an online stress level survey. For more information, Call: 1-800-292-3900

Alzheimer's Foundation of America website
Offers up to date information and resources on Alzheimer’s disease for caregivers, family members, and individuals with AD.

US Government Health website
Provides a wealth of educational information regarding health and nutrition

Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research
A comprehensive portal for caregivers, family members and other individuals affected by AD

National Institutes of Health
Website - presents a great overview of AD

Alzheimer’s Research Forum
a website that offers the latest scientific information on AD including clinical trials and other basic AD research information

Being Patient
The latest news on Alzheimer’s disease and brain health research

Gifts/Products for People with Alzheimer's Disease & their Family/Caregivers

Gift Ideas for People with AD and their Family Members / Caregivers
This site includes books, activities & non-drug therapies (most under $20)

Therapy for Memory
Resources reviewed my a medical advisory team, these brain stimulating activities include a new music activity and educational program CD as well as soothing music to listen to while sleeping

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