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What Your Patients Learn was created by a team of international experts to provide the latest evidence-based information on AD prevention, treatment, diagnosis, nutrition, caregiving, clinical trials, and more. We offer extensive resources such as community support groups, an AD discussion forum, caregiver blog, newsletter, and more.

Effectiveness-proven Education was designed to measure the impact of learning about Alzheimer's disease (AD), and has been proven to effectively educate the public about AD (published in the Journal of the Prevention of Alzheimer's disease). In fact, users who completed the online course have been shown to increase AD knowledge, willingness to participate in clinical trials, and have made key behavioral changes (like joining a clinical trial and online registries). Results have also been presented at conferences such as the 2016 American Academy of Neurology meeting and the 2016 Clinical Trials in Alzheimer's meeting. See our Accomplishments page for more info.

New for 2017: Healthcare Professionals Course

You can request access to a NEW course created specifically for healthcare providers. In addition to our course for the public, we also have a special curriculum for YOU. If interested, please send and email to alzu @ with your name, degree and specialty area, and we will send you a link to the content.

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