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Tips on Caregiver Stress Management

If you are a caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you know first-hand just how stressful the job can be.  Gathering Alzheimer’s disease information can help, but dealing with the stress that most caregivers experience requires more than simply learning about the disease.  It’s important to learn how to manage stress effectively in order to be as effective as possible in caring for your loved one with AD on a long-term basis. 

There are many positive ways to manage stress such as: taking a yoga or tai-chi class, working out on a regular basis (with your physician’s approval), meditation and more.  But perhaps one of the most important factors in coping with stress is to have a support network and a positive outlet to be able to voice your feelings.  Feeling loved and supported is vital in stress management.  In fact, studies have shown that feeling supported is a very vital factor in heart disease prevention, perhaps even more important than many other preventative measures.

Even if you only have the time for brief moments of stress relief (15 or 20 minutes at a time) it can be very effective in lowering stress levels.  According to a recent survey of family caregivers, over half of all family caregivers reported very high levels of stress by the time they hired professionals to assist with the daily caregiving routine. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.  Employing preventative measures, such as getting involved in a support group for AD caregivers, can help caregivers manage stress before it reaches a high level of intensity or becomes unmanageable.

Follow these tips to manage stress when caring for an elderly person with AD:

Work out regularly-at least 3 times per week, according to your physician’s recommendation

Meditate-quiet your mind with formal meditation which is a huge stress buster and helps train you to keep your thoughts in the moment, not so much on future worry

Ask for help-avoid burnout and stress by carving out time for yourself and asking for help from others including friends, family and/or professional services.

Eat well-eat nutritious food like the Alzheimer’s diet-learn all about it in our 25 lesson course for AD caregivers. 

See a physician on a regular basis-get professional screening for stress induced ailments such as high blood pressure and/or depression.  Early diagnosis will help you mange any health issues better and keep you feeling physically and emotionally well.

Find a support group-such as those offered on the Alzheimer’s Association.  Talking with others who are going through the same experiences can really help in stress management.

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