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The Importance of Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s Treatment and Prevention

Q: What are clinical trials and why are they so important to the future of Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention?

A: Clinical trials are studies performed by scientists and medical research professionals in order to test new treatments (such as new drugs) to determine if they are safe and effective for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  These studies can be done in order to find new ways to detect, slow or treat AD.  The hope for the future of Alzheimer’s research is that as more Alzheimer’s disease information is compiled, someday the will be a way to prevent the disease. 

Types of Clinical Trials

There are various types of clinical trials including; trials to test new treatment, studies to find new and improved diagnostic tests, AD prevention trials, and quality of life trials-studies to find ways to improve the quality of life for individuals with AD as well as the family.  Quality of life studies evaluate and test various types of support, education and training to find out how to best help meet some of the issues faced by family members and caregivers. 
Before any new Alzheimer’s drugs can be approved for public use, they must go through 3 different phases of clinical trials.  Many times a new drug will be tested for its effectiveness when combined with a current FDA approved drug. 

One example of a new clinical trial for AD is a study on a new experimental drug that could help improve mental understanding, judgement and reasoning in those with mild to moderate AD. This experimental drug will be given with an FDA approved medications for AD including Aricept, Exelon or Razdyne.

When it comes to Alzheimer’s trials, there are 2 specific types, one is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of treatment aimed at reducing symptoms and the other is aimed at slowing or stopping the disease all together.

Clinical trials involve 3 different phases.  CLICK HERE to learn more about each of these treatment trial phases on our website’s Clinical Trials page.

Getting Involved in Clinical Trials

Getting involved in clinical trials is a great way for those with AD to get access to the latest, most innovative treatment modalities available.  If you are interested in finding out if you qualify for an upcoming clinical trial, CLICK HERE to access more information via The Alzheimer’s Association’s website.

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